Why OZS Exists

OZS exists because it is needed.  It isn’t a church or religious institution. We have enough of those. It isn’t a Buddhist Temple and we do not worship a Buddha, a god or deity. We do not belong to or adhere to an ideology.  Yet when you walk into our zendo,  you will find the triple treasure is very much present.

OZS is a modern practice center. Here, presence is what matters. It is palpable. What do we practice? Our main practice is what is called meditation. Our practice is rooted in what is commonly labeled as Zen, however, these are just labels. What we practice is beyond any intellectual understanding or thinking.  Seeing who-what we really are and getting insight into how we have created the seeds of ignorance, greed, and hatred that have caused so much suffering is the outcome of our practice. Through our sitting together, we open up to the illuminating insight that leads to right understanding and right action in whatever situation we find ourselves. It compels us to see clearly and not be duped by the deluded narrative of the matrix of ignorance, greed, and hatred.  A natural outcome of our practice is being fully present and compassionate beings doing our part to make the world a better place for all. OZS practice is yoga for the mind, as it facilitates flexibility and integration of body, mind, and environment.

Why are the ancient teachings of Buddha relevant now? Because as much as we have changed, we have not. Humanity still has the same problem that Buddha so clearly saw and then gave us the solution for over 2500 years ago. Enlightenment is the solution.

We have a meditation practice every Sunday and Wednesday evenings and all are welcome. Come, be present, bring your beginner’s mind.

Ignorance, greed, and anger have no hold on the awakened heart.
Will Rauschenberger

Please check the website for schedule updates and more information about OZS.

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