Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

What are you buying? Is this for real?

If we are caught in the bubble of our own thinking, we are not truly practicing Zen and are only deluding ourselves. We are Buddhist practitioners in name only and our commitment goes up in smoke with the fire of like and dislike! We may wander around from one Teacher, Spiritual Center or Zendo, to another, trying to make the world into how we think it is, or blindly following like sheep as long as it feels good. By believing what we think and labeling right and wrong, we find cause to have enemies, to go tribal, to defend ourselves against the other. Surround ourselves with those that will support our deluded views, find others that we agree with, find ways to support and justify our view. Take a look at the state of our world. How’s it working for us? When we admit our own part in it all, then we are beginning on the path to freedom and wisdom. Until then we are just whining.

Only when the mind is clear like space can we see things for what they are.  Please practice together, find your refuge, uphold the precepts, resolve your self and save all sentient beings from suffering.

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Posted in Emptiness, non-duality, Weekly Dharma Study.