The Great Way

“The great Way has no gate;
There are a thousand different roads.
If you pass through this barrier once,
You will walk independently in the universe.”

The Gateless Gate:The classic book of Zen Koans by Koun Yamada.

In Ordinary Zen we rely on the teaching of Buddha as the foundation of our practice.  From the Zen perspective, the goal of life is to live fully as a human being, to be fully awakened and realize ones potential for wisdom and compassion.  It is to be a Buddha, which means awakened and free.


Thich Nhat Hanh said, “If those who teach Buddhism in the West keep in mind that all dharmas are Buddhadharma, they will not feel like a drop of oil in a glass of water. If you practice in exactly the same way we practice in Vietnam, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Japan, or Korea, the oil drops will always remain separate from water.”

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