Our Dharma Teacher

Will Rauschenberger has been practicing Zen for 30+ years. As a lay Buddhist practitioner, he vows to work for the benefit of all sentient beings.

“As a Lay Zen Buddhist, I have for the last several years been in the privileged position of facilitating zazen and sometimes offering whatever insight I may have into what this is. Sharing one’s insight is different than being an expert. There are many sources from which you can conceptualize Zen and have some idea and thoughts about it. However, in my view, Zen is not a concept. Zen is beyond thinking. Reading a sutra or quoting what other teachers have said has it’s place. I have many times shared what others have said in order to contribute to a point I was making or to help bring clarity. We look to experts for everything. However, looking outside of ourselves for the answers to what we think we need or want cannot ultimately be fulfilling or bring us satisfaction. True intimacy, being part of this wonderful amazing experience we call life, connected to all of it, comes from insight. Insight comes from “just sitting” and from asking, “What is this?” True insight does not come from knowing, but from not knowing. 

From the point of view of your essence of mind, there is no separation between you and all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, past, present and future. The gateless gate is your own mind.  We should all have beginner’s mind. Ordinary Zen enables us to experience an extraordinary life.”

–-Will Rauschenberger

More about Will on his Blog: onezenzoo.com/bio.

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