The Calm Before the Storm

Tracking Hurricane Dorian shows that it will be late Monday, Tuesday at the earliest that it will hit the east coast and possibly head this way. In preparation, we will have our Sunday Evening Meditation as usual. Our Dharma talk will be on “How can we focus our heart/mind in the midst of uncertainty and impermanence“.

Those who have not awakened to the mind live enslaved to circumstance.

They dream not only while they are asleep; even when their eyes are open they live in a dream. This is truly a pitiful situation. Everything we do while remaining ignorant of our true nature is similar to the actions of a blind man who wanders aimlessly from east to west, from the past into the present. Every time we take a step forward or move our hands, our action is unwholesome. Every time we give rise to a thought, our thinking is defiled.

Sunim, Kusan. The Way of Korean Zen . Shambhala.

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