Taking June 2024 Off for a Personal Retreat

Last year, I took a month off in August for a personal retreat. This year, I will take a month off in June. There will be no practice sessions in June 2024.

Hae An & Chong An SunimI will be in Budapest, Hungary from Thursday, June 6th through Sunday, June 9th for an advanced meditation retreat at the Original Light Zen Temple that will be led by Zen Master Chong An Sunim.

I will also be traveling with Chong An Sunim and his family after the retreat for 9 days. He will drop my wife and me off in Zagreb, Croatia. Charlene and I will rent a car and explore the Dalmatian coast for 8 days before we head back to Budapest for another retreat from June 27th – 30th. We will head home on July 2, 2024.

Chong An Sunim has been here several times and OZS supports his temple and Sangha for all the fine work they do to further the Dharma. OZS will donate funds to the Original Light Zen Temple.  If you would like to contribute, please donate to the Orginal Light Zen Temple here.

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