Practicing Don’t Know

Dharma talk – 6/21/20 The advice I would give new fathers. What are we doing during our sitting meditation practice?

What is this? Being awake in this moment.

Dharma Talk and discussion from Sunday 6/14/2020. How do we meet the unexpected? Time is a construct, where is time in this very moment? What is this? Why don’t we see the reality of a situation?


The Primary Point – What is It?

If you raise one principle, you raise all principles. If you see one thing, you see all things. If you see one mind, you see all minds. If you see one way, you see all ways. There is nowhere that is not the Way. If you see one mote of dust, you see the mountains, streams, and lands of all the worlds in the ten directions. If you see one drop of water, you see all the moisture of all […]

Being bound by circumstances

This week’s Dharma talk centers on how being bound by circumstances originates from the mind’s own bondage.