The Dharma Marrow of our Ancestors

This Podcast is a glimpse into what our Zoom Practice Sessions are like. Starting with the Three Refuges, the beginning of the Heart Sutra (just a few moments of the chant), then you will hear the end of the sitting period with the clap of the Chukpi, ending the practice period with the four Bodhisattva Vows before a short talk about one of the ancestors of Zen, Linji…

“The teaching of Linji is not like any other master. He dares to say everything truthfully, clearly, and very frankly. When we follow a spiritual path, we have to learn and we have to practice. But when we can’t digest what we’ve learned and can’t use it in our daily life for our transformation, that’s when we need the teachings of Master Linji. They are strong medicine—not a vitamin, but a purgative.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

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