Open the hand of thought instead of making a fist

When you are walking are you walking with your mind, tripping on the past or future, or are you walking with your feet on the ground? Open the hand of thought instead of making a fist. Recognize what is empty of any permanence.


We continue to explore what contentment is, with the help of  “The Subtleties of Daily Life” by Layman P’ang.


Samsara is life and death, past, present, and future, measurement. Satori is the boundless, endless, clear-like space, timeless moment.

Being Peace

How can you be peace in the midst of the chaos of life?  Oneness is the reality even in the midst of duality. Also, Will talks about the upcoming retreat at Myakka State Park on March 5th, 2022.

Like A Floating Cloud

Today’s Dharma Talk is dedicated to the memory of Ven Dr. Wonji Dharma of the Five Mountain Zen Order, who passed away unexpectantly in December of 2021.   Will’s Dharma name, Hae An, was given to him at his first Precepts Ceremony by Ven Dr. Wonji Dharma.

Your not lost, your here

Zen is a Label

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