Photo by Edanur Ağaç on Unsplash

Korean temple cuisine – from the BBC

“From a mountainside in Gyeonggi-do, Buddhist nun WooKwan Sunim pioneers the Korean temple cuisine movement, which has roots in ancient history but speaks directly to modern tastes.” – BBC WORLD’S TABLE | FOOD & DRINK | SOUTH KOREA article by By Paul Stafford 17th May 2023    

Il-Bung’s tea

The Dharma talk today starts with a Zen Masters poems from my days at the American Zen College. I sit quietly in the looking-for-ox room. A cool wind blows on my face from the open window. A bell rings across the dharma tower. A lamp quietly illuminates the Lotus platform.

Monk In The House

In this episode, Will talks about our upcoming retreat with Chong An Sunim and Kongan practice.

The Korean Buddhist Influence on my life

I subscribe to Everyday Zen Podcasts by Norman Fischer. Norman is a western Zen Buddhist teacher that I feel a kinship with and enjoy his Dharma talks. His podcast about his recent trip to Korea is timely, in many ways.  It will also give you some insight into the great experiment of western zen practice that our Ordinary Zen Sangha is part of.  Everything that has come before informs who we are now. Enjoy! Korean Buddhism and enlightenment fundamentalism Normal Fischer’s […]