Customized Truth

While sitting on the wellspring, looking out into the desert at a mirage expecting it to quench our thirst.


Beyond Words

Direct experience, beyond words, is original nature unfolding.

The Ten Ox-herding Pictures Revisited

The Ten Ox-herding Pictures have concretely depicted the process in which the imperfect, limited, and relative self awakens to the perfect, unlimited, and absolute essential self (the ox), grasps it, tames it, forgets it, and completely incorporates it into the personality.


Meaningful Conversations

Learning how to be together in silence.  Are you really ready to have a meaningful conversation?


Look at your relationships with fresh eyes…

Open the hand of thought instead of making a fist

When you are walking are you walking with your mind, tripping on the past or future, or are you walking with your feet on the ground? Open the hand of thought instead of making a fist. Recognize what is empty of any permanence.