Wheel-of-suffering and dependent origination

The second perfection, ethical conduct

The six perfections are the attributes of an awakened being. This morning’s talk starts with the second perfection, ethical conduct, and the precepts.

Relaxing Into What Is

Like the Lilies of the field. 12/02/2021- Tonight’s discussion centers around the question; “Is anger ever justified?”

The Fourth Paramita: Diligence

Dharma Talk – 11/07/2021 In Sanskrit ‘paramita’ literally means ‘having reached the other shore.’ It also means ‘transcendence,’ or ‘perfection.’ If we exist on the shore of suffering, reaching the other shore would mean leaving suffering behind and becoming enlightened. Hence, transcendence means to become free from mental afflictions, (the causes of suffering) and from suffering itself. The true practice of the paramitas is to be free from self-attachment and self-cherishing.

Moutains and rivers are just so

Sharing a poem and its meaning. (https://ordinaryzensangha.org/mountains-rivers-are-just-so/) Dharma Talk, Oct. 17, 2021.

The goose that wasn’t.

The goose that wasn’t. A Magician is caught up in her own magic trick! Dharma Talks from our retreat on Saturday, Oct. 2. 2021.