We’re the notes in nature’s song.

This evening, Alice Greenspan reads one of her poems. “May it bring peace and joy in some small way.” Humble as a grain of sand, Tender like a baby’s hand, Peaceful as a blade of grass, Transparent like a looking glass, Gentle like the spotted doe, Dazzling as old winter’s snow, Quiet like the early morn, Hopeful as the new day’s dawn, Spacious as a clear blue sky, Loving like a lullaby, Sacred as a holy grail, Breath-filled like tall […]

Visiting with an old master of Zen – Linji

Today’s Dharma Talk includes a reading from “The Record of Linji” –  translation and commentary by Ruth Fuller Sasaki. “I believe that Zen, particularly Rinzai Zen, has a significant role in the present world. Modern people are adrift amid the great confusion and uncertainty of contemporary life. The Linji lu can give us a foundation on which to construct a new and powerful view of human existence.” –Yamada Mumon


Customized Truth

While sitting on the wellspring, looking out into the desert at a mirage expecting it to quench our thirst.


Beyond Words

Direct experience, beyond words, is original nature unfolding.