Last few days of 2019 – Celebrating Buddha’s Awakening

Buddha’s enlightenment is said to have happened in December, so we celebrate his awakening. As we bring the year to an end, I would like to leave you with two Dharma Talk Podcasts. The first one is by Norman Fisher and includes a wonderful “Fairy Tale” about Buddha’s enlightenment that comes from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Old Path White Clouds.

The second Podcast is last Sunday’s Dharma talk at OZS.  I am grateful for all those who so generously contributed to our Sangha over the last year. In 2020 OZS will continue to offer opportunities to practice each week and we will have several events starting with our Silent Retreat on January 18, 2020, and a special retreat weekend with Zen Master Chong An Sunim in March. Please see our calendar for updates.

May you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

All the best,

Will Rauschenberger
Abbot – Ordinary Zen

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