Sea and Rocks

fixed or fluid

The difference between Delusion and Nirvana can be described in two words – fixed or fluid.

When we have a fixed view, we are deluding ourselves. It is at the root of all our pain and suffering.  The problem stems from a false premise, a belief that we are separate and independent from each other. “I am not him, he is not me.” This causes all kinds of alienation, fear, greed, and hatred.  This belief is out of balance, the same way our body is out of balance when individual cancer cells start destroying the very body that gives them life.  We can learn to be open and willing to see things differently and let go of the firm grip that binds us. Then, new opportunities open up to us. Causes and conditions change as we change. We can have insight into what is real and what is not. That is why we practice.  Our practice brings us face to face with our selves and the environment we live in, equipping us with insight and wisdom. The fixed view is trying to force reality to fit into one’s assumptions, desires, and ideology while fearing the inevitable change and building walls to keep out what one sees as separate and threatening. Reality isn’t fixed. Nothing is independent and separate. In reality, everything is fluid, interdependent and ever-changing. Freedom lies in seeing things as they are, working with what is right in front of us to make the world a better place for all. Now is all we have. Let’s make the best of it.

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