Chong An Sunim in Amsterdam

This latest Dharma talk from Chong An Sunim is as clear as a temple bell and is a wellspring of wisdom. We are fortunate to have Chong An Sunim come to Sarasota and share his wisdom. He will be at OZS in September.

“Clarity: Zen means that you attain this moment completely and clearly. If your mind is clear, everything is clear. Zen schools are practice oriented, teach how to experience the mind before thinking. Zen originally means becoming one. It came from dhyana, which  means observation, depth, oneness, non-duality, etc. Truth is the reflection of this world in our original nature, which is clear like space, clear like a mirror.

The four principles in zen: 1. Do not depend on the scriptures, 2. Directly point to human mind 3. Attainment of our true nature means becoming Buddha 4. Transmission from mind to mind.”

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