Wumen’s Zen Warnings

The Zen warnings come at the close of the Gateless Gate, a collection of 48 Chan (Zen) koans compiled in the early 13th century by the Chinese Zen master Wumen Huikai (無門慧開; Japanese: Mumon Ekai; 1183–1260).  Wumen’s preface indicates that the volume was published in 1228. To obey the rules and regulations is to tie yourself without a rope. To act freely and without restraint is heresy and deviltry. To be aware of the mind, making it pure and quiet, […]

Lisa Cairns – Is Meditating Helpful?

Here is the thing. After the curiosity wears off, when the video stream ends, what do you have? What generally seems to be missing in the “Non-Duality Movement” is practice. How to get to know for yourself what is? How to know the objective, subjective, absolute/relative reality, to be free of identification and yet fully participating in life? How to know the same old you, through and through? That’s it. That old dusty mirror is the way! Here Lisa Cairns […]

Stuck in a Story with Lisa Cairns

A “Non-Duality” speaker that I like is Lisa Cairns.  She expresses unconditional love beautifully, as well as being clear and unpretentious. However entertaining it might appear, she is a Dharma teacher.   https://www.lisacairns.com/

Linji’s Person of No Rank

Since OZS will not meet on Christmas Eve or New Years eve, I offer a Dharma talk (Pod Cast) to tide you over till we meet next year!  I think you will find Norman Fisher’s Dharma Talk delightfully insightful and rewarding. It is my gift to you, celebrating Buddha’s Enlightenment and bringing in the New Year! Norman Fisher’s Dharma talk is about Linji’s “Person of No Rank”. Linji is a famous Zen Master considered the founder of the Rinzai School […]

Weekly Dharma Talk with Zen Master Gosung Shin 1.24.2015

When I first began my practice, I was fortunate to spend time with the Korean Zen Master Gosung Shin (I lived on the American Zen Center grounds for 10 years).  Two days ago I learned from an old friend (who I had not talked to in over 15 years) that there were some video’s on YouTube from 2014 and 2015 of Gosung Shin. How wonderful! This Dharma talk is typical of the Saturday lectures. How grateful I am to have known […]

Silent Illumination – The Awakened Heart

I sometimes refer to our meditation practice by different names. It is called zazen, just sitting, shikantaza or silent illumination. These are just names that point at what we do when we get on the cushion. “Silent Illumination” best describes our meditation practice. I first learned the term “Silent Illumination” from a book titled “The Method of No-Method” by Chan Master Sheng Yen. Master Sheng Yen described Silent Illumination as another name for Shamatha-Vipashyana, a meditative practice of stilling the mind […]

Relaxing Into What Is

At last weeks dharma talk, I described our Ordinary Zen Practice as “Relaxing Into What Is”. Breaking the phrase down; “Relaxing” — being an action of letting go of our self-centered obsessions “Into” — submersion in or awakening to ‘What is” — reality. Today I came across an interesting article that I think relates to our practice entitled “Marcus Aurelius:How to Think Clearly” by Zat Rana. According to the author,  Marcus Aurelius ” was an interesting Roman that was drawn to philosophy, […]