This Is Zen – An all-day retreat

Saturday, October 2, 2021. The Retreat will be on Zoom and in person at our Zendo for fully vaccinated individuals.  6:50 am to 7:30 am – Our day starts with Meditation Practice on Siesta Key Beach (weather permitting). Directions: We will meet Northeast of the last lifeguard tower furthest north of the pavilion. Park in the North Lot. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm –  We begin our retreat with an opening ceremony, chanting the Heart Sutra, and a 30-minute meditation, followed by an introductory […]

Be Real-Get Real

Dharma Talk – Sunday 9/19/21 Welcoming the Fall Equinox with a poem… The yellow leaves of a thousand trees fill the empty ground. Leaves are very good for writing a living zen poem. On the endless leaves are an endless poem. Doubling, doubling, there is no end to IL-bung’s poem. –Il-bung

Mastering the Art of Your Life

Dharma Talk 9/12/2021 Are you mindful of each step you take or are you always thinking ten steps ahead and never getting there?

Groundless Ground

Dharma Talk Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021. How can we be comforted by knowing there is nothing we can hold on to or grasp?

A cloud and water man

Cloud and Water Man. Since I have a zen stick, I like to fly 30,000 miles. Wielding my ink brush, I will not flinch if several thousand watch me. Sometimes winning, sometimes losing: gain and loss do not matter to a cloud and water man. –il-bung

It’s Okay

8/22/2021- Dharma Talk Embracing responsibility naturally.

Mountains and rivers are just so.  

For this week, no Dharma talk was shared. In the quiet mountain air, the leaves rustle. Who sees their original face reflected in the babbling stream? Many opportunities are lost, mostly you don’t know they passed you by. The repository consciousness reflects the past, surfacing like reflections in a mirror. Be at peace, let the past go. Clear mirror, clear mind. Mountains and rivers are just so.

Il-Bung’s tea

The Dharma talk today starts with a Zen Masters poems from my days at the American Zen College. I sit quietly in the looking-for-ox room. A cool wind blows on my face from the open window. A bell rings across the dharma tower. A lamp quietly illuminates the Lotus platform.