The Basis for Giving

Cultivate an attitude of all-pervading loving kindness.

Directed not just to humans but to all sentient beings, with this attitude, we give freely of what we have without any regret.

The three types of giving:

The first is to give through your understanding of the Dharma. This means to devote yourself to the service of others by realizing, for their sake, the emptiness of yourself and your desires. The second is to give away material possessions without any reluctance. Giving that is free from attachment is undefiled. The third is giving without apprehension. If due to your merit and wisdom, you can give your body and mind without apprehension, then this will produce great loving-kindness and compassion in which yourself and others are seen without any differentiation.

Quoted from: ‘The Way of Korean Zen’ by Master Kusan,

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