Photo by Edanur Ağaç on Unsplash

Korean temple cuisine – from the BBC

“From a mountainside in Gyeonggi-do, Buddhist nun WooKwan Sunim pioneers the Korean temple cuisine movement, which has roots in ancient history but speaks directly to modern tastes.” – BBC WORLD’S TABLE | FOOD & DRINK | SOUTH KOREA article by By Paul Stafford 17th May 2023    

Spiritual Friendship

The Sangha or Spiritual Friendship is at the very core of the Buddha’s teachings. Since the inception of the Ordinary Zen Sangha in the spring of 2015, I have had the honor to practice with many wonderful human beings who have had a profound effect on my practice and life journey. I am very grateful and consider each and everyone without exception, to be a spiritual friend.  I will always hold each of you in my heart-mind with compassion and […]