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While sitting on the wellspring, looking out into the desert at a mirage expecting it to quench our thirst.

The Ten Ox-herding Pictures Revisited

The Ten Ox-herding Pictures have concretely depicted the process in which the imperfect, limited, and relative self awakens to the perfect, unlimited, and absolute essential self (the ox), grasps it, tames it, forgets it, and completely incorporates it into the personality.

I, Me, and Mine

According to the Buddha, there are three poisons that cause suffering.  We examine how the conception of a self and our identification with I, me, and mine is at the root of our suffering.


Look at your relationships with fresh eyes…


We continue to explore what contentment is, with the help of  “The Subtleties of Daily Life” by Layman P’ang.

Your not lost, your here

Zen is a Label

The energy behind words, Compassion is before thought. In times like these, the omicron wave. Please consider making a donation to OZS. Your support is appreciated, as we are exclusively funded by the generosity of our members.

Will Rauschenberger

Beginnings Are Endings – Endings are Beginnings

As 2021 comes to a close, another year is etched into the storehouse of consciousness. The storehouse consciousness is where we keep all impressions as seeds of the physical and mental experience.  The storehouse consciousness is said to store the impressions of previous experiences, which form the seeds of future karma in this life and the next. How do we transform our consciousness to live fully as human beings, to be fully awakened and realize our potential for wisdom and […]

Moutains and rivers are just so

Sharing a poem and its meaning. ( Dharma Talk, Oct. 17, 2021.