Hauling Away the Shit Pail

“It is foolish to use the verb “to appear” in describing the manifestation of the buddhas. We simply use the expression “a buddha appears in the world” to make it easier for sentient beings to understand. “Picks up a shit pail and hauls away all the shit of conceptual proliferation” means that a buddha removes all traces of various types of ignorant thoughts. If you do not depart from the original true reality of the middle way, then whatever words […]

Huangbo’s Transmission of Mind – Parts 1 to 9

For there is nowhere that is outside the Buddha-Mind I invite you to join me in reading and reflecting on the teachings of Haungbo. This series will use either ” Zen Roots – The First Thousand Years “  by Red Pine or ” The Zen Teaching of Huang Po: On the Transmission of Mind “ translated by John Blofeld. If you are using the John Blofeld translation you will notice his use of the word ” Void ” as in ” it is […]

Walking in Buddha's Footsteps

Leting go is freedom

Letting go is walking in the footsteps of Buddha. Let it be what it is, letting go is letting go of a diluted view.

Hui-neng leads us to water, but we must drink it.

Our study of the platform sutra only leads us to our own minds, nowhere else, no other Buddha. ‘Each of us must practice ourselves. No one else can do it for us. Nor can any text take our place‘ It isn’t that the teaching is direct or not, sudden or gradual. ‘The teaching is simply so. When we finally understand it, it appears direct because it is right in front of us. When we don’t understand it, it appears indirect […]

Ancestors of Ordinary Zen

The audio clip from “The Sutra of Hui Neng”  in this Dharma Talk was taken from “The Diamond Sutra, The Heart Sutra, The Sutra of Hui Neng:  Three Key Prajna Paramita Texts from the Zen Tradition”, available as an Audiobook on Audible. It is also available in Print on Amazon.