Relaxing Into What Is

At last weeks dharma talk, I described our Ordinary Zen Practice as “Relaxing Into What Is”.

Breaking the phrase down;
“Relaxing” — being an action of letting go of our self-centered obsessions
“Into” — submersion in or awakening to
‘What is” — reality.

Today I came across an interesting article that I think relates to our practice entitled “Marcus Aurelius:How to Think Clearly” by Zat Rana.

According to the author,  Marcus Aurelius ” was an interesting Roman that was drawn to philosophy, and he was particularly interested in Stoicism — a subset based on the notion that behaviors, not thoughts or words, should define virtue.

The author point out that, “We predominantly go through life understanding the world and influencing our behavior like we’re at the center of reality, and that everything around us derives its importance according to how it fits into our narrative. It warps our perception of our surroundings and how they unfold.” 

An interesting read:

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