New Zendo Opening Scheduled For August 2018

Image of our new sign

I am pleased to report that OZS will be moving into our new Zendo on Fruitville Road in August. As of this writing, it looks like we will continue with our regular Sunday evening schedule and add a Wednesday evening class.  In addition, we will offer the occasional half-day or day-long Saturday Sesshin (Zen meditation retreat held in silence). I will keep you informed about the move-in date, times for zazen, classes, and retreats. Please check our calendar for updates.

We have created a “wish list” of items we need for the Zendo. It is through the generous donations of our Sangha members, that we are able to purchase these items. We have already purchased a lovely bronze Buddha with the help of our Sangha members.

List of items still needed:

Sign for the front of the building ($94.00), Shakyamuni Buddha Canvas for Altar ($40.00), Water purification filter system ($69.00), additional zafus & zabutons ($50.00 per set), altar LED lighting ($19.00),  and other miscellaneous items (tea, incense, candles, etc.)

If you would like to help, you may do so here:

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