stormy night

Brightness And Darkness

The Dharma talk from Sunday 10/2/2022, 4 days after Hurricane Ian. It included a reading from A Bird in Flight Leaves No Trace: The Zen Teaching of Huangbo. Unobstructed Wisdom [A monk] asked, “Did the Buddha bring an end to ignorance or not?” The master replied, “Ignorance is the very site where all buddhas attain the Way.” Master Subul, Seon. A Bird in Flight Leaves No Trace: The Zen Teaching of Huangbo with a Modern Commentary 

Humanities Crisis

The crisis of humanity, exclusiveness or inclusiveness. Duality, and Non-Duality. Hungry Ghosts and Abundance.


OZS News for August – 2022

OZS News Once a month we invite those Sangha members present at the Sunday Morning Practice Session to join us for Brunch afterward. It is a way for us to have some together action and get to know each other better. Please let me know if you will be joining us for brunch on Sunday, August 7, 2022. We occasionally invite Sangha members to take the “High Seat” and experience leading a practice session at our Sangha. It is a wonderful experience […]

Wheel-of-suffering and dependent origination

The Mind King

“Verses of the Mind King” is attributed to Fu Dashi (a famous Chinese sixth-century Lay Buddhist). The poem, having referred to the Mind King, who, for all his importance, is not evident to the senses, goes on to say: The salt put in water / the glue put in paint – Certainly these are present / But we cannot see their form. The Mind King is also thus / Abiding within the body, Going in and out the (gate of […]