Great Inquiry

Zen Meditation – Sitting like a hen on her eggs. Awakening to our Buddha Nature.

The Dreamer’s Dream

When you are identified with the dream, you don’t know you are dreaming. If you are not identified with the dream, you know you are dreaming.

Visiting with an old master of Zen – Linji

Today’s Dharma Talk includes a reading from “The Record of Linji” –  translation and commentary by Ruth Fuller Sasaki. “I believe that Zen, particularly Rinzai Zen, has a significant role in the present world. Modern people are adrift amid the great confusion and uncertainty of contemporary life. The Linji lu can give us a foundation on which to construct a new and powerful view of human existence.” –Yamada Mumon

I, Me, and Mine

According to the Buddha, there are three poisons that cause suffering.  We examine how the conception of a self and our identification with I, me, and mine is at the root of our suffering.